Paint Filter Paper


  1. Filter media is environmental rigid kraft paper board
  2. Low air flow resistance,high performance,low cost
  3. The face wind speed 1/S
  4. The use time should be longer than others,the longest can be 6 times
  5. Adsorptive capability up to 13kg/㎡
  6. All types of spray booths can be easily retrofitted
  7. Standard size:Length=10m width=0.75m/0.9m/1m/1.25m
  8. Available in all size,can be customize

Functions :/ Application:

Main application:dope,polyester,bond,varnish,asphaltum and so on

  1. Spray painting of all industries;
  2. Spray of wood and furniture;
  3. Spray of metal parts;
  4. Auto coating;
  5. Paint spray booth.
TypeWidth*LenghtDepth(mm)Air velocity(m/s)Air flow(m³)