Activated Carbon Filter Media


  1. The mesh use the high quality catalytic powdery activated carbon as the adsorption material.
  2. The activated carbon has high adsorption,fast speed, heat resistance, Acid and alkali resistance
  3. Good adsorption and removal of toxic gases and harmful bacteria in the air
  4. It can be used to make various shapes

Functions /Application:

Applied to air-conditioning cleaner and filtration systems

Applied to air filtration and Sterilization device

Can be made into plank filter, foldaway filter, pocket filter

Benzene A dsorption≥25%
Air velocity0.8m/s
Rated airflow(m³/h)2880
Initial pressure Diop35Pa
Final pressure Diop250Pa
Temp.resistance,constup to 150℃
Normal thickness3/5/8mm
Roll size standard1.0m*20m/1.2m*20m/2.0*20m
Rated Air Velocity(m/s)Activsted Carbon ContentAdsorption ofbenzene Adsorption EdgeResistance(Pa)面比中(g/㎡)Thickness(mm)